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This First Level Reiki course connects you to the energy of Universal Reiki and is the approach to this natural or alternative healing technique. It will help you relax, improve minor physical discomforts. It includes self-treatment or treatment to others. You can also treat animals and plants. Delivery of the Cho Ku Rei symbol. Manual and Diploma according to the Spanish Reiki Federation. 

The Second Level Reiki course works on a physical, mental and emotional level. It includes self-treatment and treatment to others. It enables the student to send Reiki at a distance. You will learn how to send reiki to past and future situations or to send reiki to friends, relatives, etc… to people who are not physically with the student.

This Third Level of Reiki strengths our energy and the effectiveness of the symbols of the first and second level of Reiki are increased and can be used for further harmonization. In addition, these symbols enhance the energy to one hundred percent and decrease the time of application to half that of Reiki II. Another important point is that Reiki techniques are taught to protect ourselves and others. You also have the instructions for the handling and use of the antahkarana (crystal grid to send Reiki 24 hours a day). Psychic Surgery. Preparatory to Mastery: energetic closure of the hui yin point and microcosmic orbit. Review of the previous level.

This is the last level of Reiki. The techniques for self-tuning and attunement of students at all levels are taught. Review of all levels and treatment techniques. Being a Reiki Master is a way of guiding you through life and carries with it moral and spiritual responsibility. This course is also necessary for the Karuna Reiki Master Course (for both the Karuna Reiki Level 1 Master Course and the Karuna Reiki Level 2 Master Course).

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